London Spanking

Spanking & Caning in London with Miss Elsa Svenson


Penge Penal Institute, 11 April

Penge Penal Insti­tute, 11 April, 9 am

A train­ing day for new staff mem­ber DCO Clara Hewitt from Kent, under the super­vi­sion of SCO Rod­well, with DCO Pren­der­gast in atten­dance. DCO Hewitt, who will be deputis­ing for DCO Pren­der­gast in August, when she is on hol­i­day with her fam­ily, was instructed in the use of all the imple­ments of chas­tise­ment rou­tinely deployed at the Penge Penal Insti­tute. Her tech­nique was good, as befit­ted a for­mer deputy head­mistress at a small pri­vate school, and she was par­tic­u­larly accu­rate with the cane, but she strug­gled to achieve the sever­ity lev­els appro­pri­ate for a place of adult cor­rec­tion. Asked if she was will­ing to be on the receiv­ing end of a demon­stra­tion by SCO Rod­well, DCO Hewitt reluc­tantly assented. A 12-stroke can­ing was then admin­is­tered, with under­gar­ments removed. DCO Hewitt, despite twice cry­ing out in shock, bore her pun­ish­ment with for­ti­tude and promised to strive to incor­po­rate what she had learnt into her future cor­rec­tive work.




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