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Thursday, March 26th, 2015

My col­lec­tion.….


About time wasters and newbies who are too scared.…

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

I have posted about time wasters here in the past but I think its time to do it again. There are times when more than 50% of my book­ings get can­celled again or the per­sons just don’t show up. Rea­sons for can­celling tend to be  a  fam­ily cri­sis,  a sud­den busi­ness trip abroad,  sud­den ill­ness in the fam­ily and of course the car breaks down and the phone don’t work. 

Occa­sion­ally some­one are hon­est enough to tell me that the rea­son for can­celling is that they are scared, find it all too intim­i­dat­ing, got cold feet, note sure this is what they really want etc.

So lets have a look at the prob­lem… you con­tacted me and told me that you have been think­ing about spank­ing for a long time and you really want to try it.  You have per­haps been think­ing about it for years. You have been scan­ning trough the inter­net search­ing for some­one who can give you that red hot bot­tom you so intensely desire. You stopped by me as I seem “nor­mal”  I don’t oper­ate in a dun­geon and I don’t wear leather corset and high boots. You decided to take the plunge and you sent me that short note.

Imme­di­ately after you sent it, one part of you wish I wouldn’t  respond, while the other one knows this must hap­pen, oth­er­wise your life will never feel full.  I get back to you quickly and we agree on a date for a first meet­ing.  Your e excited and wish it could hap­pen right away. You email me some details about your fan­tasies and I say that is fine. I try to assure you that you have no rea­son to be so scared, as I am actu­ally quite a nice per­son. I send you detail includ­ing direc­tions and a phone num­ber, that you must call to con­firm the appoint­ment. You are still excited and want to go trough with this. Its only a few days to the appoint­ment but as the day go by you fear start sneak­ing back in again.

Sud­denly the fan­tasy is turn­ing into real­ity! It all seem so scary, you have to travel to an unknown place and you are meet­ing with a total stranger. You will be expos­ing your bot­tom and even more scared your vul­ner­a­bil­ity. Sud­denly your fear takes over and it all seem impos­si­ble. You want to for­get about it all and you decide to can­cel.  You are afraid that I might try to con­vince you, so you decide to tell me you have to go away on a busi­ness trip. This way you get time to think it all through one more time and still keep the door open. You want to keep a door open in case you should build up enough courage to try again later.  You know deep down that this need you have will not go away. You can bury it for a while but it is only a mat­ter of time before you a back look­ing at my web­site and wish­ing you had taken the first step back then.

I can under­stand that it is scary to give in to your own desire…because your desire means to give up con­trol and to sub­mit to pun­ish­ment. I tend to think that you are more afraid of your own feel­ings than of me. The biggest issue is to accept the part to you who crave sub­mis­sion and pun­ish­ment. I offer to guide you in a lov­ing but firm way and to help you ful­fil your own desires and dreams. You are of course free to leave any time if you don’t like it. I can be strict and even cruel but only for as long as it takes to bring you to the space you long to be in. I will give you the encour­age­ment you need on the way to get there but I can­not help you ful­fil your dreams unless you take the first step trough my door. As we all know, you can lead a horse to water but you can­not make him drink.

London spanking got a facelift

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

I have spent some time chang­ing the look of Lon­don Spanking

Check it out here

The naughty boys room

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

I have stained the old oak floor and I am very happy with the result. It is now an exten­sion to the school room.

Traditional school knickers…

Friday, March 6th, 2015

It is some­thing about those thick blue, green or maroon school knick­ers from the 50s, 60s and 70s that fas­ci­nates a lot of grown men or should I say boys of mature age. Many of my clients like to wear them and I reg­u­larly get e mail from peo­ple who com­ments on the type of knick­ers used in my videos. I guess one could really use the word knick­ers fetish when some­one col­lects them and have the attic full of unopened bags bought throung mail order over decades. One such boy who had a very large col­lec­tion decide it was time to have a bit of a clear out and gave me a chunk of his trea­sure, a num­ber of knick­ers  still in their bags.

These knick­ers are not for small boy they are rather large and come in the tra­di­tional colours as well as some more exper­i­men­tal ones as yel­low and orange. God knows why the pro­duces decide to do that, but they may have an appeal to someone.

There­fore I will offer them for sale to any big boy who really love to be a naughty school boy.  The knick­ers come in two styles and mak­ers. The first one is as top pic­ture below and made by Ros­alind Woods Made in Con­gle­ton Eng­land they dont have size but I would say they are extra large.  Colours are Yel­low, Mint, Light Green, Grey, Cream, White, Pur­ple as well as the tra­di­tional  Navy blue, Bot­tle Green, Maroon and Brown.

In addi­tion to these I also have a dif­fer­ent style Made by Sarah Heart, they are all size L, bot­tle green and have a pocket on the back.  Price for these kick­ers are £10 each if you buy directly from me,  if you want me to ship,  it will cost an extra £4.

Switch sessions with Rosie Cleopatra in Earls Court

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Rosie played the part of Joanna the maid in two of my spank­ing videos and I really enjoyed spank­ing her plump bot­tom. It really has a shape per­fect for spank­ing and I think many of my friends and clients also would like to have the pleasure.

(a trailer with from Joanna the maid here )

Rosie and I have decide to try some­thing dif­fer­ent and there­for  we will offer switch ses­sion in her pri­vate flat in Earls Court London.

Ses­sion will be divided in 3 parts first I will spank Rosie’s gor­geous bot­tom until it is read and glow­ing, I may also be tempted to use some imple­ments. Then you get to put her over your knees for another hard spank­ing. This may end with a can­ing from you or from me. Then in the last part of the ses­sion its your turn to get a spank­ing from both of use, first OTK and then bent over a chair for a hard strap­ping or can­ing that will send you home with a very sting­ing bot­tom. Sounds like fun? Well we think so.


A second study in South East London

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

I really love my new school­room in Gilling­ham but I know it is a bit too far for some peo­ple. I was there­for trilled when I was offered an oppor­tu­nity to keep a study in my old place in Penge South East Lon­don. It is smaller than my new school­room but every­one who knows me know that I will cre­ate a great atmos­phere in any space.  I can now offer a choice between two loca­tions for great spank­ing and can­ing ses­sions for the con­vince of my clients.

So you want me to spank your wife.…

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Over the years I have quite few enquires from men who wants me to spank their wife of girl­friend. Some have been gen­uine but a lot of them have not.

Sadly very often these types of enquiries are pure fan­tasy and the wife or girl­friend is not even aware of it.

Some­times I also receive reveal­ing pic­tures or an offer of reveal­ing pic­tures of the wife or girl­friend. I sus­pect it may not be a pic­ture of her all, but rather some­thing found on the inter­net. I won­der why any­one would think I am inter­ested in look­ing at these type of pictures.

Due to the amount of fantasy/ time wasters / non­sense I will always answer this types of enquires and ask the wife to phone me to con­firm her consent.

So if you want me to spank your wife please bear in mind that I will require a phone call from your wife to con­firm before I will engage in fur­ther discussions,

Privacy and discretion

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Pri­vacy and dis­cre­tion is very impor­tant to me and of course to my clients.

Some times I get wor­ried new­bies ask­ing me if my place is dis­creet and if we will be pri­vate. Some peo­ple are so wor­ried about this issues that they don’t ever take the step and try how a spank­ing feels like.

I cer­tainly under­stand why peo­ple are wor­ried but some times their fear has been blown out of propo­si­tion. Some peo­ple even imag­ine that I would secretly take pho­tos of them and post it on the inter­net. When peo­ple are so full of fear, they may not be ready for a spank­ing ses­sion at all and they may need more time to think things over.

The other option is to try to be ratio­nal and under­stand what I am and what I really do. I have been in the spank­ing busi­ness for some years now, first in North Lon­don where I lived for 4 years. I was very care­ful so my neigh­bours didn’t sus­pect any­thing and they never did as far as I know.

After that I was based in South East Lon­don for 3 years, and yet again never any strange looks or ques­tions. My present place out here in the Med­way is in a quite part of town and is very pri­vate and dis­creet. The neigh­bours are busy with their own lives and no one are really interested.

When it comes to myself I am of course aware of peo­ples con­cern and I have some rules I follow.

Obvi­ously I would never take a pho­to­graph of any­one unless they ask me to. I only post pic­tures online of mod­els who have filled in a con­sent form and 99% of the time, they are pro­fes­sional mod­els. I never post pic­tures of clients online even if they ask me to.

I never call clients on the phone unless they have left a mes­sage and asked me to. I don’t send unso­licited email unless you have asked for it or have signed up for my mail­ing list.

When you come to my place We will be pri­vate and you will not bump into other clients leav­ing or com­ing. It is extremely import to me that clients feel secure and com­fort­able and that is why I move out here.  I have a pri­vate space were you can enjoy spank­ing and cp ses­sion with­out worries.