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A time for reflection

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

A time for reflection

By Clarissa

It was a task she had got used to over the years: the end-of-term review of the Pun­ish­ment Book. In fact, it was the last task she com­pleted before writ­ing the girls’ reports.

Miss Sven­son leant down and retrieved a leather-bound book from a bot­tom drawer of her desk. “Here we go again” she thought to her­self as she thumbed through the entries. Here was the cat­a­logue of pun­ish­ments, and mis­de­meanours. Here were the slip­per­ings, the strap­pings, the junior and senior can­ings; here the hand spank­ings and, on occa­sion, the dress­ings downs. Here were the records of inso­lence, smok­ing and going out-of-bounds. Here were details of names, and forms.

Look­ing through the book, she was pleased to note that, for the most part, pupils had not reof­fended. Of course, there were always excep­tions: Miranda Spears sprang imme­di­ately to mind.

Miss Sven­son closed the book and picked up a file that was sit­ting on her blot­ter: here were the lines and essays she had set as pun­ish­ment dur­ing term. She leafed care­fully through until she came to a thin sheaf of blue paper, pinned with a paper clip. She slipped off the clip and started to read:

‘The Mean­ing of Humil­i­a­tion’ by Miranda Spears, Upper V

 Humil­i­a­tion is about power, and con­trol. Gen­er­ally speak­ing, humil­i­a­tion is inflicted by those in a posi­tion of author­ity upon those in a lesser posi­tion: so the teacher to the school girl, the police­man to the scal­ly­wag, the mas­ter to the ser­vant. Of course, this is not always the case. The school girl can humil­i­ate the teacher, even per­haps if this was not her inten­tion: if the teacher feels humil­i­ated, then she is, and the action of the school girl is wrong.

But is inflict­ing humil­i­a­tion always wrong, or is moral rel­a­tivism at work? The teacher, for exam­ple, will argue that humil­i­at­ing the school girl is for her own good, and will pro­vide some sort of ‘les­son’. That insist­ing a girl bends over, expos­ing her some­times bared bot­tom, and sub­mit­ting to a dose of the strap or the cane with­out recourse to com­plaint will nec­es­sar­ily improve her behav­iour. Or will it just inspire resentment?

Miss Sven­son pinned the papers hur­riedly back together and rein­serted them in the file. The spurt of anger she had felt when she had first read the essay came back to her: how dare the girl call into ques­tion her meth­ods – it was more than inso­lent. She had thought about bring­ing her in for a firm talk­ing to, at the very least. But then she had thought bet­ter of it: the essay was well writ­ten and rea­soned, and had been sub­mit­ted on time. Miss Sven­son shook her head, then looked down at her hands; the hands that had inflicted so many spank­ings on naughty girls’ bot­toms. She then retrieved a small com­pact mir­ror from the desk and looked for a moment at her face: no, she had no doubt, her meth­ods and moti­va­tions were sound; still, she sup­posed, it didn’t hurt to check once in a while.

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Penge Penal Institute, 5 December 10–30

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Penge Penal Insti­tute, 5 Decem­ber 10–30

Grave dis­or­der broke out dur­ing the strap­ping of Jane Kelly, 16, for lit­ter­ing. SCO Rod­well was admin­is­ter­ing a 25-stroke strap­ping, with the assis­tance of DCO Pren­der­gast, when the girl’s father, who had asked to be present at the pun­ish­ment, directed a vol­ley of abuse at the two cor­rec­tion offi­cers. ‘You’re ****ing sadists!’ he shouted, repeat­ing the aster­isked word on three sep­a­rate occa­sions. SCO Rod­well warned Mr Kelly that she would not tol­er­ate lan­guage of that kind when she was sim­ply car­ry­ing out her civic duties, and that he was to leave the room imme­di­ately. When he declined to do so, he was restrained with the help of DCO Pren­der­gast and Mr Jolyon Pren­der­gast, hus­band of the same, who was down­stairs hav­ing a cup of tea; he was then thrashed, severely, with a cane, such ad hoc pun­ish­ments being per­mit­ted under Reg­u­la­tion 11 (b) of the Penge Penal Code. Mr Kelly sub­se­quently apol­o­gised and told SCO Rod­well she had been right to take such a firm line.




Penge Penal institute, 27 November, 4–30 pm

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Penge Penal insti­tute, 27 Novem­ber, 4–30 pm

Seven youths aged between 14 and 23 received exem­plary can­ings fol­low­ing dis­tur­bances at the match between Crys­tal Palace and Hud­der­s­field Town at Sel­hurst Park on Sat­ur­day. All those sen­tenced were Crys­tal Palace sup­port­ers who had shouted abuse at the ref­eree after the award of a con­tentious penalty in the 88th minute. They were iden­ti­fied by a stew­ard, Mr Wat­son, then taken into cus­tody by PC Roberts and WPC Williams, who were on duty at the ground. After a spe­cial sit­ting of the mag­is­trates’ court, the youths were sen­tenced to can­ings of between 15 and 24 strokes. Their bot­toms were bared, to empha­sise the grav­ity of their offence, and they were strapped to the birch­ing bench to ensure that they could not escape the bite of the cane by mov­ing. SCO Rod­well admin­is­tered the can­ings, while DCO Pren­der­gast took pho­tographs of the boys’ but­tocks after their pun­ish­ment, at the request of the local newspaper.



Penge Penal Institute, 21 November, 3 pm

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Penge Penal Insti­tute, 21 Novem­ber, 3 pm

An extra­or­di­nary Sun­day meet­ing of the Insti­tute, at the request of local vicar, Rev. Hor­a­tio Plomer of St Mary’s Penge. His ser­mon hav­ing been dis­rupted by per­sis­tent gig­gling by two girls in the sec­ond pew, Rev. Plomer met with the girls’ par­ents in the vestry after the church and, with their full agree­ment, made arrange­ments for the two girls to be dealt with as soon as pos­si­ble.  The girls – Celia Jones, 14, and Patri­cia McCall, 15 – were offered the choice of being pun­ished before the con­gre­ga­tion at even­song or being sent to the Penge Penal Insti­tute for sum­mary chas­tise­ment. They chose the latter.

SCO Rod­well, who had been in the con­gre­ga­tion at St Mary’s and wit­nessed the girls’ behav­iour, was charged with teach­ing them a suit­able les­son. She opted to put the girls over her knee and spank them with a wooden hair brush on the bare bot­tom until they begged for mercy. The girls were then made to stand in the cor­ner for half an hour, with their badly bruised pos­te­ri­ors exposed to view.



Penge Penal Institute, 18 November, 11–30 am

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Penge Penal Insti­tute, 18 Novem­ber, 11–30 am


An exem­plary can­ing for a Crys­tal Palace cou­ple found guilty of show­ing per­sis­tent dis­re­spect to their neigh­bours. Mr and Mrs Colin Lee, of 19 The Rise, had ignored repeated requests to turn off their gramo­phone player after eleven o’clock in the evening and, in the judge­ment of the mag­is­trates, needed to receive a short, sharp shock to encour­age them to mend their ways. ‘You have behaved like ill-mannered school­child­ren,’ the pre­sid­ing mag­is­trate told the cou­ple, ‘and it is as school­child­ren that you will be treated.’ The cou­ple, in their late thir­ties, were told to put on school uni­forms and sub­mit them­selves, in turn, to a severe can­ing from SCO Rod­well. Both received 15 strokes of the cane, the court hav­ing judged them equally guilty of the offences with which they were charged.

The can­ings were admin­is­tered over under­wear. Mrs Lee bore her can­ing with for­ti­tude, but Mr Lee shifted posi­tion and twice swore audi­bly. The SCO, act­ing within her dis­cre­tionary rights, awarded him three addi­tional strokes for each exple­tive used.



Penge Penal Institute, 5 November, 4 pm

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Penge Penal Insti­tute, 5 Novem­ber, 4 pm

36-stroke strap­ping admin­is­tered to Mr Roger Bevan of 11 Burbage Road, East Dul­wich. Mr Bevan, 43, a repeat drunk-and-disorderly offender, had been spared prison by the mag­is­trates’ court on con­di­tion that he sub­mit to a severe thrash­ing and apol­o­gise to the land­lord of the Red Lion, Mr Peter Hoskins, for his mis­de­meanours. Mr Hoskins was invited to attend Mr Bevan’s pun­ish­ment and duly did so.

Strokes were admin­is­tered on the bare but­tocks in batches of 12. The senior prison strap was used and wielded by SCO Rod­well, the Institute’s senior female offi­cer. The pun­ish­ment was exe­cuted by a female offi­cer as it was the ver­dict of the court that Mr Bevan ‘was inclined to be abu­sive to women when drunk’ and ‘would ben­e­fit psy­cho­log­i­cally from the addi­tional humil­i­a­tion of low­er­ing his trousers in the pres­ence of a mem­ber of the oppo­site sex’.
Mr Bevan took his pun­ish­ment well, cry­ing out in pain only twice. Blis­ters were raised and there was mod­er­ate bleed­ing on the right but­tock. Mr Bevan then shook hands with SCO Rod­well, apol­o­gised to Mr Hoskins, as directed by the court, and vowed to drink in mod­er­a­tion in future.



Penge Penal Institute, 11 October, 10–30 am

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Penge Penal Insti­tute, 11 Octo­ber, 10–30 am

 Three 17-year-old youths from East Penge dealt with sum­mar­ily by the Senior Cor­rec­tion Offi­cer, on the unan­i­mous rec­om­men­da­tion of the local mag­is­trates’ court. Offence: petty pil­fer­ing in the green­gro­cers on the high street.

Youth A (male), the ring­leader, received 18 strokes of the birch, admin­is­tered on his bare but­tocks at 30-second inter­vals. Took pun­ish­ment well and thanked the SCO afterwards.

Youth B (male) received 12 strokes of the birch, also admin­is­tered on the bare but­tocks at 30-second inter­vals. Had to be held down by Deputy Cor­rec­tion Offi­cer Pren­der­gast for the last three strokes and received an addi­tional three strokes for refus­ing to thank his pun­ish­ers. Left the room in obvi­ous distress.

Youth C (female) was sen­tenced to 8 strokes of the cane. She was spared a birch­ing by the court as it was accepted that she had been, in part, an unwill­ing accom­plice. Burst into tears when it was explained to her that the cane strokes would be admin­is­tered full force on her bare but­tocks and begged to be allowed to retain her knick­ers. Request refused. Yelled her head off from the third stroke of the can­ing, but kept her posi­tion bravely, hav­ing been warned of seri­ous con­se­quences if she moved. Was picked up from the Insti­tute by her mother, who thanked the cor­rec­tion offi­cer for doing her duty and not being lenient with Youth C on grounds of her sex.



Thursday, October 4th, 2012


Those of you who have read the Head­mistress Diaries on this web­site will know that we left the redoubtable Miss Black­stock in 1953, the time when she resigned as head­mistress, mar­ried a Mr Rod­well and moved south of the river. I spec­u­lated that she may well have been the same Mrs Rod­well whose name appears in the reg­is­ter of employ­ees of the Penge Penal Insti­tute in the late 1950s. Mrs Rod­well was an SCO, or Senior Cor­rec­tion Offi­cer, and in the days when it was almost uni­ver­sally accepted that noth­ing did juve­nile delin­quents more good than a sound thrash­ing, the skills she had learnt at her old school must have stood her in good stead.

I have across a log-book of the long-defunct Penge Penal Insti­tute in the local library and cau­tiously con­cluded that the entries signed SCO Rod­well, span­ning sev­eral years, may well be the work of our old friend Miss Black­stock. I will be intro­duc­ing a selec­tion of them here, start­ing with this eye-opening entry from 1958.