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2012 Story Competition eleventh entry by John!

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

The Last Laugh’  by John James

Out­side the door of the headmistress’s office Eleanor Dod­son stood ner­vously antic­i­pat­ing the con­se­quences of her actions. Miss Sven­son was known to be a strict dis­ci­pli­nar­ian and Eleanor knew full well that yes­ter­day she had crossed the line of what could gen­er­ally be expected from a mod­ern pub­lic school teacher.
As Eleanor was busy straight­en­ing her skirt, a voice from from the other side of the door called for her to enter.  Miss Swen­son seated on a leather chair behind a solid oak desk cut an even sterner fig­ure than usual.
Seated on the oppo­site side of the desk was Eleanor’s neme­sis, twelve year old John Jones.    And he was smirk­ing.
“Do you know why you’re here Miss Dod­son?” Elsa Swen­son asked.
The smirk on Jones’ face widened.
“I think so”, Eleanor said ner­vously.
“Then would you care to remind me of what it is you have done?“
“John had been behav­ing badly all through the morn­ing,” Eleanor protested vainly.
“So how did you deal with this provo­ca­tion?“
Out of the cor­ner of her eye Eleanor could see John Jones’ cheeky grin grow­ing even wider.
“I put John over my knee, pulled down his pants and spanked his bare bot­tom until he begged for for­give­ness. I would do the same again.“
Miss Swenson’s expres­sion hard­ened.  “But you are aware are you not that as head­mistress I am the only mem­ber of staff per­mit­ted to admin­is­ter bare bot­tom spank­ings to the chil­dren?“
Eleanor felt on the brink of tears. “I just wanted to teach him a les­son”, she protested weakly.
“Nev­er­the­less, you have bro­ken school rules, and as such must be pun­ished accord­ingly.” Elsa rose to her feet.  “Please assume the posi­tion miss Dod­son.“
Head bowed and tears welling, Eleanor stood up slowly. .“Does John need to wit­ness this?” she asked meekly.
“Jus­tice needs to be seen to be done Miss Dod­son”, Elsa Sven­son replied with­out com­pro­mise. “Now bend over.  It will of course be a bare bot­tom spank­ing. Jones bring me my cane from the cup­board”.
Not wish­ing to lose her job Eleanor obe­di­ently bent over the desk while Jones, the lit­tle brat who had reported her, went glee­fully to fetch the cane.
Even though she knew what was com­ing it still came as a shock for Eleanor to feel the hem of her skirt being raised above her waist by the strict head mis­tress, and her crisp white knick­ers pulled down below her knees.  It came as an even greater shock to feel the sting caused by the first stroke of the cane. Sev­eral more strokes fol­lowed, each harder and caus­ing an even sharper intake of breath than the last.
It was so humil­i­at­ing for Eleanor to be spanked bare bot­tom in front of one of the pupils she taught but she just had no alter­na­tive but to take each swish­ing stroke as it landed.  There were six in all.  Six of the best.
After the can­ing was done Elsa con­tin­ued the pun­ish­ment by putting Eleanor over her knee and using the palm of her hand and then a leather strap to red­den the cheeks of her bot­tom still fur­ther.  Just how red her bot­tom was becom­ing Eleanor was able to see in the strate­gi­cally placed mir­ror, a sight which only served to deepen her grow­ing sense of humiliation.


You may rub your bot­tom now Miss Dod­son”, said Elsa after the spank­ing was over.  “I won’t ask you to stand in the cor­ner with your pants around your ankles, as you are staff, but I will next time.“
Feel­ing totally com­pli­ant now, Eleanor mas­saged the cheeks of her sore bot­tom and pulled her knick­ers back up.  John Jones who had been watch­ing this entire exhi­bi­tion with a great deal of amuse­ment was turn­ing to leave, already plan­ning what he would tell the rest of his class mates.
“And where do you think you’re going Jones?” Elsa said sharply.
Eleanor took great delight in see­ing the smirk dis­ap­pear abruptly from the lit­tle brat’s face.
“But Miss..“
“No buts child,” Elsa snapped, “It still falls upon me to pun­ish you for your class­room mis­be­hav­iour. Now bend over.  Miss Dod­son please pass me the cane.  You may not be allowed to do the spank­ing but you can assist me, and I think a red bot­tom for you to show  to  John’s class mates might be just the ticket. Isn’t that right Miss Dod­son?“
“Yes, Miss Sven­son”, Eleanor replied.
And then down came John Jones’ trousers and under pants, expos­ing to the two ladies the twin globes of his bare white bot­tom.
And Eleanor could not dis­guise her look of tri­umph as the first stroke swished down on his quiv­er­ing but­tocks.  After all, it was she who was going to have the last laugh.

2012 Story Competition tenth entry by James!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

King­sham Road ran along the front perime­ter of the High School for Boys.   To the left hand side of the school a gated road led to the play­ground and a car park used by the teach­ing staff.   The main door of the school was reached through a nar­rower gate lead­ing onto a gravel path between the front lawns of the school.   Almost nobody other than the head mis­tress, Miss Elsa Sven­son, came into the school that way.


The two win­dows of Miss Svenson’s spa­cious study looked out across the front lawns, as did the adja­cent sin­gle win­dow of the smaller office of Miss Pren­der­gast, the school sec­re­tary. The two rooms were con­nected inter­nally by a strange arrange­ment of back-to-back doors that opened out­wards so that Miss Sven­son could bolt her door to be assured of privacy.


It was ten to four and the school day was end­ing, a boy stood wait­ing out­side the exte­rior door to the headmistress’s study. Miss Sven­son was out but Miss Pren­der­gast was in her office study­ing a file stu­diously and inwardly feel­ing a sense of keen antic­i­pa­tion. As requested, she had just read­ied the head mistress’s study for a “dis­ci­pli­nary inter­view” and assumed that the boy stand­ing in the cor­ri­dor was the object of these preparations.


The out­come of these inter­views was not cer­tain because Miss Sven­son had a capri­cious mind and could be unex­pect­edly mer­ci­ful, but more often than not they did end with a caning.


Miss Pren­der­gast had put the boy’s per­sonal file on Miss Svenson’s desk and pulled out the low junior school desk that was nor­mally parked against a wall and placed it under the clock a pace away from the wall.   Many boys had turned to face that clock, then been instructed to bend over the desk and grip its back legs.


Next had come the task she enjoyed the most, unlock­ing the cor­ner cup­board and tak­ing out the cane and pun­ish­ment book.   She had care­fully placed the pun­ish­ment book on Miss Svenson’s desk open at the most recent page and couldn’t help her­self read­ing the most recent entries: date, name, offence, num­ber of strokes admin­is­tered and the ini­tials of the head­mistress and a wit­ness to the pun­ish­ment.   She had stood the cane in its place out of sight by the book­case.   Last of all she had checked that there was ink in Miss Svenson’s foun­tain pen and placed the along the spine of the open pun­ish­ment book so that it was to hand if needed.


Miss Pren­der­gast had then gone back to her office through the back-to-back doors care­fully clos­ing the study door but leav­ing her own door ajar so that she had the best chance of hear­ing what­ever happened.


After five min­utes the sound of Miss Svenson’s foot­steps could be heard crunch­ing on the gravel foot­path, the front door opened and closed.   There was a brief con­ver­sa­tion in the cor­ri­dor and the boy went into the study with Miss Sven­son.   Miss Pren­der­gast sat strain­ing to hear but she could not make out what was being said.   She was taken by sur­prise when the back-to-back doors were sud­denly opened and Miss Sven­son entered her office.


Miss Pren­der­gast, may I ask a favour of you.   I am afraid that I need to cane a boy and unfor­tu­nately the boy’s form mas­ter is not avail­able to wit­ness the pun­ish­ment.   I won­der if you would be will­ing to stand in?   It’s quite sim­ple you sim­ply observe to ensure that the pun­ish­ment is recorded accu­rately in the pun­ish­ment book –but do say “no” if it makes you feel uncom­fort­able.   Miss Pren­der­gast said “yes” and wor­ried that she might have said it a lit­tle too enthusiastically.


Miss Pren­der­gast fol­lowed the head­mistress into the study where the boy was wait­ing ner­vously.   Miss Sven­son picked up the cane, faced the boy and flexed it thought­fully, “You know why exactly why I am going to cane you.   It would have six strokes but you did at least own up, so your pun­ish­ment is four strokes.   I am sure that you don’t think your­self lucky but you ought to!”.   Miss Pren­der­gast watched Miss Sven­son and the boy with rapt fas­ci­na­tion.   “Face the clock and bend over the desk”.  The boy obeyed.


Miss Pren­der­gast heard the swish of the cane and was sur­prised by how loud was the sound of its impact on the boy’s tightly stretched trousers.   In turn, the boy appeared to be sur­prised by how much the impact hurt; his back arched and he hung on to the legs of the desk.   Miss Sven­son pro­ceeded with a steady rhythm –she did not make the boy wait unduly between strokes but nei­ther was she hur­ried.   Each stroke was given with full mea­sure.   The boy cow­ered before the sec­ond and third strokes but the desk held him in place.   After the third stroke he seemed relieved that the end was in sight and tried to com­pose him­self by stretch­ing bravely over the desk.   The fourth stroke clearly hurt even more than those that pre­ceded it and he yelped loudly.


Miss Sven­son put her hand on the small of the boy’s back and said “Stay down”, then she talked to the boy by turns chid­ing him for his bad behav­iour and then telling him that she val­ued his hon­esty in own­ing up and that he had taken his pun­ish­ment well.   When she allowed him to stand up his eyes were red but he had regained his com­po­sure.   He was sent to wash his face and then go home.


Now Miss Pren­der­gast, let’s make an entry in the pun­ish­ment book, please would you wit­ness that four strokes were given; I hope that you didn’t find that too dis­turb­ing.   Most boys’ behav­iour is improved by a few sharp taps on the bot­tom with the cane”.   As Miss Pren­der­gast wrote her ini­tials in the book using Miss Svenson’s foun­tain pen, she thought to her­self that she had never had a bet­ter day at work and was flushed with plea­sure as she returned to her office.


There was a spring in her step as she locked her office door and walked to the bus stop to catch the bus home.   Sit­ting upstairs on the bus, the details of the can­ing ran through Miss Prendergast’s mind like scenes from a favourite movie.

Flat wanted London…

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

I am look­ing for a suit­able small flat near pub­lic trans­port in Lon­don for a long term rental. Seri­ous offers only please.


2012 Story Competition ninth entry by Ken!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Ken had met Minxie in a chat room.  She was keen to join Ken and he arranged to take her to see Miss Sven­son and Miss P.  They met at Lon­don Bridge and Ken was delighted to spy a school­girl look under Minxie’s coat.

There was whis­pered chat about what might hap­pen, some smil­ing and even laughing.

On arrival Miss P told both to remove shoes and accom­pany her to the study.  Ken was a reg­u­lar vis­i­tor but Minxie new to it all.  Miss S knew Ken had as usual been exhibit­ing him­self on the Inter­net and deserved a harsh reminder.  His behav­ior in the Lap Danc­ing Club earned him severe pun­ish­ment before, but Miss S and Miss P had become aware he had not stayed away since his last visit to the Study.

With­out much fuss Miss S told Ken to drop his trousers and get over her knee. A severe spank­ing ensued with his under­pants being peeled down and a flurry of slip­per and hair­brush spanks applied.

All the time Minxie and Miss P looked on and mur­mured in admi­ra­tion at Miss S’s accu­racy and neatness-together with their amuse­ment at Ken’s embar­rass­ment and red bot­tom cheeks.

After what seemed a long time to Ken, Miss S sent him to the corner.

Then Minxie was ush­ered in her short skirt to go over Miss S’s lap.  She obeyed and her skirt went up.  Miss S began a slow method­i­cal hand spank­ing, dur­ing which she removed the sen­si­ble knick­ers Minxie had been wearing.

Miss P looked on and thought what a lovely female bot­tom it was under the spanks.  Ken looked from his cor­ner and became hugely excited.  His flam­ing cheeks for­got­ten as he saw Minxie’s bot­tom so pretty, full and red.

Inad­ver­tently his hand wan­dered to release his erec­tion from his under­pants and he was unable to resist a slow stroke or two to con­firm his excite­ment.  Miss P noticed and began to stare, Miss S was spank­ing well but saw Miss P stare at Ken form an angle clearly mak­ing Ken’s naked erec­tion visible.

The atmos­phere in the room changed.

Get up Minxie.  Go to the wall.  Away from naughty Ken who needs some sharp cor­rec­tion this instant.  You Miss P wipe the smirk off your face, avert your eyes and begin to savour — or fear!! what I will do to you next.

Minxie was in tears, her bot­tom hav­ing evaded spanks for many years.

Ken was dry mouthed and dev­as­tated he had been “caught” not only by Miss P but also more sig­nif­i­cantly by Miss S.

Miss P was hor­ri­fied.  Her long black skirt was off and her slen­der fig­ure ready for Miss S to attend to.

A heavy tawse, cane (favoured dragon type) and severe Jokari Bat would be applied to Ken deter­mined MIss S.

Minxie had allegedly craved the cane.  A more slen­der school cane would do for her.

Miss P, well, she was still show­ing stripes from a recent can­ing applied for tar­di­ness.  Miss S decided the plas­tic brush with the ven­omous sting would do for her.

Miss S decided she was tir­ing and so for some enter­tain­ment she’d have Minxie and Miss P deal with Ken first (Miss S would of course fin­ish to ensure severity)

Miss P would help Ken deal with Minxie.

Ken and Minxie would start on Miss P.


Miss S watched with delight as each “Spanker” applied strokes they knew would be com­ing back to them.  The ses­sion ran on and on.  The spanks were applied in short bursts until Miss S was con­vinced all the recip­i­ents were red enough.


The finale was Ken’s fullest pun­ish­ment when that dreaded Jokari Bat cov­ered all the ear­lier deliv­er­ies.  The bat in the hand of Miss S left a last­ing impression.


As Miss P blushed and re dressed, Ken and Minxie were allowed moments to dress and gather them­selves.  The train jour­ney to Lon­don Bridge was amus­ing as nei­ther Ken nor Minxie would sit despite numer­ous empty seats.


They were both embar­rassed that the other had watched — and equally fas­ci­nated by hav­ing watched.

As they parted com­pany they decided another visit would need to be some weeks away as they needed time.


2012 Story Competition eight entry by Harry!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012


By order of the chair­man of Governors

It has come to my notice that a large amount of cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment is being car­ried out result­ing in wasted time. I seek to reduce this. As from today par­ents are expected to ensure that their chil­dren are impec­ca­bly behaved at all times. Should it be nec­es­sary for a child to be spanked or caned the respon­si­ble par­ent involved will be expected to sub­mit to a bare bot­tom can­ing. It is assumed that as  par­ents have cho­sen to send their child to this school that their per­mis­sion is taken for granted. Par­ents unhappy with this are of course free to with­draw their child from the school.

1 Octo­ber 1956


Miss Sven­son was sit­ting in her office towards the end of the first week. She was not sure wether the new edict would work espe­cially in the long term but had been pres­sured to give it a term trial and cer­tainly after the first week there has been a reduc­tion (actu­ally to nil) of demand for cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment although she was sure that would not con­tinue for long. Boys and it is usu­ally boys can only keep up good behav­iour for a short time regard­less of the intim­i­da­tion that their par­ents may have used.

Sud­denly Miss Sven­son became aware of a ker­fuf­fle and Mrs White a white haired teacher in her 50s who had been a loyal col­league for a num­ber of years knocked on her door and entered with her hand attached to young Jonathan Prendergast’s ear. Jonathan was 11 years old and had been in the school for 5  years since his mother had started teach­ing there. He had been in the school long enough to know the rules.

Mrs White had caught him red-handed watch­ing her and other girls get­ting changed and had also been caught using a screw­driver to make peep holes larger. This is the kind of behav­iour which ado­les­cent boys find extremely funny but every­body else is dis­gusted by it in par­tic­u­lar the peo­ple whose pri­vacy has been vio­lated. This is not the first time that boys have been caught watch­ing staff or girl pupils get­ting changed but Miss Sven­son vowed it would be the last.

Mrs White let go of Jonathan’s ear and Miss Sven­son asked him if what had been said was true – The gig­gles from Jonathan demon­strated that it was and she informed him that he was to receive an exem­plary pun­ish­ment. Jonathan who by then had stopped smirk­ing and realised the trou­ble he was in was asked to wait out­side the time was 2pm and an after noon assem­bly was due in one hour.

Mrs Sven­son quickly sum­moned Miss Pren­der­gast to her office. Brush­ing past her son Jonathan, Miss Pren­der­gast was appre­hen­sive about what had hap­penned and why her son Jonathan was wait­ing out­side the office. On enter­ing Mrs Svensons’s office Miss Pren­der­gast was informed about what her son Jonathan had done, and his reac­tion when caught and his sub­se­quent reac­tion which had sat­is­fied Miss Sven­son that he had in fact com­mit­ted these acts.

Miss Pren­der­gast had dou­ble loy­al­ties. As a loyal col­league of both Miss  Sven­son and Mrs White she would have been equally dis­gusted by the actions of her son but she also wanted to be reas­sured that her son Jonathan had in fact done this.  She opened the door and asked her son and his reac­tion con­vinced his mother that this had taken place exactly as her col­leagues had said.

Miss Sven­son out­lined the pun­ish­ment she had in mind which was a very sound bare bot­tom spank­ing in front of the whole school for about 10 min­utes. She would use her hand and if nec­es­sary a very sturdy wooden hair­brush Miss Sven­son had always been reluc­tant to pun­ish in pub­lic as she felt that the mys­tique would go but these was an over rid­ing need here to set an exam­ple to all the boys what would hap­pen if they did some­thing sim­i­lar and there­fore this first part of the pun­ish­ment would take place in assem­bly within the next half hour.    After assem­bly all pupils and staff were to be asked to leave the school quickly. Teach­ing staff would be on hand to ensure that hap­pened. The sec­ond part of the pun­ish­ment would be 24 strokes of the horse­whip which had been acquired from nearby stables.

At that point Miss Sven­son reminded Miss Pren­der­gast who had realised the trou­ble  she her­self was in that she had no option but to carry out a can­ing on Miss Pren­der­gast her­self. Miss Sven­son reit­er­ated that she did not enjoy can­ing adults but this was regret­tably nec­es­sary and that the new edict from the Gov­er­nors would mean this would hap­pen much more often — she was sad­dened that her first vic­tim was a respected col­league. She said that the can­ing would be car­ried out at 630pm to allow every­one to leave the build­ing and accord Miss Sven­son and Miss Pren­der­gast some privacy.

Miss Sven­son decided that both the sec­ond part of Jonathan’s pun­ish­ment and also the can­ing of Miss Pren­der­gast would take place in the gym over the vault­ing horse. Bend­ing some­one over the vault­ing horse is ideal for sub­stan­tial pun­ish­ments as it pre­vents the span­kee from try­ing to put hands in the way and allows total control.

Miss Pren­der­gast went red when told this and the real­i­sa­tion came to her what would hap­pen  later that day. Miss Sven­son as the pro­fes­sional she is was kind and gen­tle to her col­league but stressed the the gov­er­nors had sim­ply given her no option. The time was com­ing for assem­bly. Miss Sven­son put on her gown and entered the the school hall where 300 pupils were gath­ered in the front row were Mrs White and 5 girls who had been watched undress­ing and who were all feel­ing some­what ner­vous at what was about to happen.

A hard backed wooden chair had been placed in the cen­tre of the stage. Miss Sven­son spoke for 2 min­utes and said that she would not allow boys to inter­fere with the pri­vacy of girls or staff by watch­ing then get changed. The first part of Jonathan’s pun­ish­ment was there­fore being done in front of the whole school and the sec­ond would take place later that after­noon. Miss Sven­son reminded every­one that they must leave imme­di­ately after­wards know­ing that they would talk of lit­tle else.

As Miss Sven­son sat on the hard backed chair — she called for Jonathan to be bought out. Jonathan was dressed in grey trousers and was sum­mar­ily ordered to remove them and the white under­pants he was wear­ing  and place him­self over Miss Svenson’s knee. As he did so he looked round and saw 300 peo­ple gath­ered to watch what would be his first pub­lic spank­ing. His bravado and cock­i­ness had gone – It was 300pm.

The sound of hand, smack­ing against Jonathan’s bare bot­tom boomed for the next five min­utes punc­tu­ated by Ooohs– Aahs and moans as well as occa­sional gasps from the watch­ing stu­dents. Yes Jonathan deserved every­thing he was get­ting– every­one par­tic­u­larly the boys, made a men­tal note to behave them­selves as intended by Miss Svenson .

After 5 min­utes Miss Sven­son stopped – her hand was becom­ing a lit­tle ten­der and she felt unable to do Jonathan’s bot­tom jus­tice so asked a col­league to give her the hair­brush which was on an adja­cent table for just such an even­tu­al­ity. Jonathan, whose bot­tom had gone from white to pink to pil­lar box red and was about to go crim­son gulped as the first sounds of the hair­brush rever­brated round the school hall. The reac­tion from the girls and Mrs White in the front row was one of both stunned silence and an inner sat­is­fac­tion of jus­tice being done. By the time the sec­ond lot of 5 min­utes had gone Jonathan’s bot­tom had gone crim­son. Miss Sven­son stopped and dis­missed every­one telling them not to linger and to go home imme­di­ately. The chat­ter was one of dis­be­lief and shock– this  would indeed be a deter­rent to most if not all boys in the school.

Miss Sven­son was approached by Miss Pren­der­gast who had obvi­ously realised as the after­noon went on what was wait­ing for her. She sug­gested that she be allowed to inflict part of the remain­ing pun­ish­ment. Miss Sven­son agreed after jok­ing not to go easy on him and sug­gested that she give the first 6. The glance from Miss Pren­der­gast indi­cated that if any­thing the reverse was likely.

By 430 with the school cleared Mrs White together with Miss Sven­son Miss Pren­der­gast and Jonathan made their way to the gym where the vault­ing horse had been promi­nently placed. Mrs White was there to help Jonathan into posi­tion and to ensure he remained in that posi­tion for the dura­tion of the punishment.

Jonathan was asked to remove his trousers and under­wear and was then helped over the vault­ing horse. His feet one side his hands the other he could do lit­tle but accept the 24 strokes com­ing his way. His bare bot­tom did  recover a lit­tle in the hour since the pre­vi­ous hair brush pound­ing and the crim­son had light­ened a lit­tle to a deep red.- there were also notable white blotches which would not remain white for long. The sit-spot just under­neath the but­tocks had hardly been touched and would be the con­cen­tra­tion of at least 18 of the strokes to come. Miss Sven­son asked Mrs White to adjust her posi­tion by hold­ing Jonathans hands and tak­ing a step back which had the result of mov­ing the tar­get bot­tom upwards.

With the desired posi­tion hav­ing been achieved Miss Sven­son handed the horse­whip to Miss Pren­der­gast who said to her son that he will remem­ber this thrash­ing for the rest of his life and let rip right in the cen­tre of his but­tocks with a force which con­tra­dicted her demure frame. The sec­ond and third strokes were sim­i­larly deliv­ered just above and below the first and the final three of her allot­ted six seered into the white blotches turn­ing them a deep red.

Miss Sven­son decided that a minute break was appro­pri­ate for all con­cerned the ini­tial 6 had been given with quite some force and it was impor­tant to ensure Jonathan’s well being.  Miss Sven­son then took up  the horse­whip and flexed it through the air a cou­ple of times to get its mea­sure  – she had used the instru­ment before but not for some time.

Miss Swen­son asked Mrs White to take a step back to ensure that the sit spot was fully acces­si­ble and let rip first on the left side and then on the right. She then stopped to allow the strokes inflicted to reg­is­ter and the antic­i­pa­tion of the 12 to come to heighten.

Mrs White checked on Jonathan to ensure he was ok and apart from a few groans he  seemed fine. It was decided that the remain­ing strokes could be given and these were despatched with a short break after the first 6. The scar­ring on the sit spot ensured that it would be a few days before Jonathan could sit comfortably.

Miss Pren­der­gast had already made arrange­ments for a friend to take Jonathan home as she knew that she her­self would hardly be able to do this or indeed com­fort him later.

Miss Sven­son con­firmed to Mrs White  that as Jonathan’s mother Miss Pren­der­gast was shortly to be very soundly caned by her and invited her to assist but to leave imme­di­ately after the last stroke and Miss Pren­der­gast had been helped from the vault­ing horse. Mrs White who had of course had her per­sonal space vio­lated by Jonathan read­ily agreed.

Miss Sven­son took a for­mi­da­ble senior cane and walked to the gym. Miss Pren­der­gast was already there when she and Mrs White arrived. Miss Pren­der­gast was asked to remove all her lower gar­ments which she did quickly– hav­ing often been on the giv­ing end she knew not to antag­o­nise her  pun­isher still further.

Mrs White and Miss Sven­son then helped Miss Pren­der­gast over the vault­ing horse still in posi­tion from the horse­whip­ping of her son Jonathan. Miss Sven­son flexed the senior cane through the air and then sud­denly WHHOOOSH – the first stroke landed absolute dead cen­tre – these would be given in groups of 6. The rest of this quite exten­sive pun­ish­ment was com­pleted – Miss Pren­der­gast had found out what It was like to be on the receiv­ing end and would do bet­ter to ensure that Jonathan’s behav­iour did not get her bot­tom a repeat of this punishment..

2012 Story Competition seventh entry by Chris!

Friday, June 1st, 2012

I stood out­side the office door feel­ing like a ner­vous wreck, I had cold sweaty palms and a feel­ing of fear in the pit of my stom­ach.  All I wanted to do was run away, I was in deep trou­ble and I new it.  Worse still I knew what the con­se­quences were lightly to be and I had a feel­ing that my bot­tom was not going to get away unscathed.


I did not know how long I had been stand­ing out­side the door, it seemed like an age, and deep down I knew in real­ity run­ning was not an option, I had to do it.  I took a num­ber of deep breathes, raised my hand boldly and rapped my knuck­les on the door three times, my heart was I my mouth I was so ner­vous.  I hoped beyond hope that maybe I’d been for­got­ten about and Miss S had gone home for the week­end, after all it was well past 4pm on a Fri­day afternoon.


My hopes were soon dashed “enter”


My quiv­er­ing hand slowly reached out and I gin­gerly turned the brass knob, which, cold to the touch sent a shiver through me.  I slowly entered the room not want­ing to face my fate with Miss S


My heart sank as along with Miss S there was also the per­son who had caught me red handed Miss P


They both stood behind the desk, arms folded, tight lipped and look­ing extremely stern and annoyed, I felt about 2 inches tall


Miss S:  “Hurry up boy, shut the door behind you and stand here” she pointed to a spot on the floor just in front of the desk


yes miss”


I looked at the grim site on the desk a long, yel­low, crook han­dled cane and my packet of cigarettes


Miss S “So then boy, Miss P tells me she caught you smok­ing this morn­ing, do you deny it?”


Miss, no miss, but look I only had one and I didn’t enjoy it, I was going to throw the rest away” I lied try­ing to avoid what seemed like the inevitable thrashing


Miss P: “Boy, you must think I am stu­pid, well do you boy?”


Miss, no miss it’s true”


Miss P: “You obvi­ously do think I’m stupid”


No miss”


Miss P: “Don’t inter­rupt me! This is the sec­ond time you’ve had to visit me for the same rea­son you idiot boy, don’t you remem­ber your last six of the best?”


I blushed with embar­rass­ment at me own stu­pid­ity, as if I had for­got­ten the six stripes of fire across my clothed buttocks


Miss, no miss”


Miss P “You appear to be lying to me again, as if you had remem­bered your last pun­ish­ment you wouldn’t be stand­ing here in front of me again would you?”


Miss, no miss” I had to con­cede to my own stupidity


Miss P picked up the cane and started to swish it through the air and then bend­ing it into a half moon “Miss, no miss” she repeated thought­fully “Well, if you for­got the last pun­ish­ment so read­ily  I’m going make sure this is some­thing you will never for­get. Six for being caught smok­ing, six for your sec­ond offence, six for lying to me and all on the bare.  That’s 18 stokes on your bare but­tocks, do you under­stand boy”


Yes miss, i’m really sorry miss”


Miss S: “Its far to late for sorry my lad but don’t worry by the end of this you really will be sorry trust me, because you see the strokes will also be dou­bled.  Miss P isn’t just here to observe, fetch your­self a cane Miss P, after I have laid on one stroke Miss P will fol­low imme­di­ately with another, this will how­ever only count as one stroke, which you will count aloud and thank us for, understood?”


I nod­ded




Yes miss”


Miss S ” Now drop your trousers and pants and bend over the desk like a good boy”


As is did what i was told Miss Ps heels clicked on the floor as she walked over to the cup­board to select her cane, I couldn’t stop my eyes from fol­low­ing her stockinged legs.  My shorts and pants feel to floor and I bent over the desk, assum­ing the required posi­tion I gripped on to the far side of the desk and arched my back.  Miss S lifted the tail of my shirt and took up posi­tion on my right hand side whilst Miss P was swish­ing her choice of cane through the air she joined on the left.


I felt cool rat­tan tap­ping on my defence­less bare skin, I grit­ted my teeth and then swish, crack & swish crack.