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Today (10TH Jan­u­ary 2012) is a date which will be etched in my mind, the pain I endured and lessons I learned when I was sent here to Miss Svenson’s office for pun­ish­ment and cor­rec­tion will have long last­ing effects on my behav­ioural mod­i­fi­ca­tion and gen­eral attitudes.

Not only has she given me a beat­ing which I will remem­ber for the rest of my life, she has insisted that I type a pun­ish­ment essay describ­ing my ordeal whilst it is so fresh in my mind which she is going to give to my teacher Miss Gray who sent me here.

My hands are sting­ing from the 12 hard strokes of that 2 tailed XH Lochgelly Tawse, my bot­tom is on fire and bruised from the bare bot­tom caning,tawsing and pad­dlings which lasted for 90 min­utes and worst of all I am shak­ing as I try to type this essay.

When I arrived here 2 hours ago I was full of bravado and even found Miss Sven­son rather attrac­tive but she soon beat any sex­ual thoughts or arousal out of me. It is a totally dif­fer­ent story now, I am shak­ing and have total respect for Miss Sven­son, what­ever she tells me to do I will do but fear that I may not be able to fin­ish this essay to her high standards.

She has told me I am to be pun­ished again in 1 hour but first must do this essay and the sever­ity of the pun­ish­ment will be depen­dent on how this essay reads, she didn’t use the birch on me but says that may be used if I don’t do this essay up to her high standards.

This is ter­ri­ble, not only have I been pun­ished for my bad behav­iour towards Miss Gray, I am also now in deten­tion and under her con­trol, sit­ting at a desk dressed only in my PE shorts in front of Miss Sven­son who is look­ing very strict and autho­r­a­tive with her blonde hair tied up, dressed in a starched pur­ple shirt with cuf­flinks, knee length pen­cil skirt, black tights (or maybe stock­ings but I’m afraid to be caught look­ing), high heel shoes and sit­ting there flex­ing that painful senior cane which she has just whacked me with so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

AND even worse she has just sat on the table in front of me crossed her black nylon cov­ered legs and is read­ing a book “ A guide to The Cor­rec­tion of Young Men” which is scary as she may want to try other forms of pun­ish­ment on me.

Oh how I feel so vul­ner­a­ble and weak after my ear­lier beat­ings, I keep want­ing to steal a glance at her nylon clad legs but when she caught me doing that ear­lier I was put over her knee and whacked so hard with the hair­brush that the bulge in my pants sub­sided due to the pain. That learnt me a les­son in respect and has made me think twice about glanc­ing at her legs or wolf whistling at Miss Gray which was one of the rea­sons I was sent here.

With­out doubt she will pun­ish me in an hour but hope­fully I can mit­i­gate the sever­ity of what’s to fol­low. I am ter­ri­fied of get­ting more pun­ish­ment but even worse if it’s the birch, I have never had it before but have heard about how painful it is.

She read out a page from her book ear­lier about the birch say­ing “The birch admin­is­tered prop­erly requires to be to the bare but­tocks and will reduce any young mis­cre­ant to tears” and now she has a hor­ren­dous look­ing 5 foot long birch made out of many flex­i­ble branches soak­ing away in a basin on top of her desk, I can­not imag­ine how bad that must be espe­cially on top of my already bruised, wealed and painful bottom.

As I sit here typ­ing I am find­ing it dif­fi­cult for me not to look at her black nylon stock­ing clad legs, she’s sit­ting right in front of me and keeps cross­ing her legs try­ing I think to tease me and test my resolve prob­a­bly to see if I have learned a les­son in respect.

I am star­ing intensely at this com­puter screen try­ing not to look at Miss Sven­son and typ­ing this essay about my pun­ish­ment which was some­thing I have never expe­ri­enced before and hope never to have to suf­fer again how­ever I do fear there is more to come and Miss Sven­son is deter­mined to break me completely.

Miss Sven­son all of a sud­den stood up, walked over to me and shouted “You are look­ing at my legs again you dis­gust­ing lit­tle boy”

“No Miss, I am try­ing to fin­ish the pun­ish­ment essay”

“Stand up and hold out your hands boy, I am going to give you 6 of the Lochgelly Strap just to remind you of your place and then I am going to cane you for lying, I saw you glanc­ing at my legs. You need to learn respect boy, now hold them out in front of you”

As I feared this was all part of my pun­ish­ment and Miss Svenson’s con­trol, I stood up and held out both hands crossed and then it started, she swung a three tailed tawse harder than she had done ear­lier with so much feroc­ity and venom. Whack whack whack this was severe pun­ish­ment, the third stroke hit my wrists and I pulled my hand back when she was about to deliver the fourth stroke. That infu­ri­ated Miss Svenson,when she missed my hand it hit her leg and she said

“For that boy I am going to start again and this time it will be 6 strokes on each hand and you will thank me for each stroke and apol­o­gise, now hold them out again and stand against the wall so you can­not move back­wards away from the strap”

Whack, Whack, Whack she deliv­ered each stroke with pre­ci­sion star­ing coldly at me as I said “Thank you Miss Sven­son I am sorry for look­ing at your legs”. These were very hard and after each one I buck­led up rub­bing my hands together before pre­sent­ing them again and again for more of the dreaded tawse. After 8 strokes my mem­ory was a blank and I was shak­ing uncon­trol­lably and for­got to thank Miss Sven­son, all I wanted was for the 12 strokes to be fin­ished with but that earned me another 4 strokes, she seemed to be enjoy­ing inflict­ing the strokes and see­ing me buck­ling up in agony.

Even­tu­ally it stopped and she said “Now drop your shorts boy, bend over the desk and keep look­ing at the clock on the desk do not look at me or extra strokes will be added

This was it another can­ing was about to take place I bent over the desk and thought to myself it can’t be as bad as what I expe­ri­enced ear­lier then I heard a swish­ing sound and felt a spray of water behind me. Was this the birch, I turned round to glance and saw Miss Sven­son hold­ing that 5 foot birch in her hands, she said “ I told you to look at the clock and don’t look at me, you are going to be birched boy, this is going to be very very painful, if you move or scream you will get more strokes”

“ I am going to give you 12 strokes of the birch, it will hurt and you will be marked for a few weeks but it will teach you respect and you will be a bet­ter behaved boy in the future, now grab hold of the legs of the desk”

I thought to myself was this the pun­ish­ment she promised after I fin­ished the essay or was this just for look­ing at her legs or was she just enjoy­ing break­ing me? It didn’t mat­ter I was bent over the desk with my bare bot­tom in the air about to be birched, my mind was rac­ing and wish­ing it would be quick when she said “ There will be 30 sec­onds between each stroke to allow you to con­tem­plate your behav­iour and recover ready for the next stroke”

30 sec­onds between each stroke, this was going to last for 6 min­utes which didn’t seem long how­ever once it started it seemed like hours.

The first stroke landed, my bot­tom was on fire, the birch twigs wrapped round my hips and it stung like a swarm of bees, it had started the first stroke of my birch­ing and I screamed out loudly, Miss Sven­son said “For scream­ing that’s another 2 strokes”

The next 3 strokes were worse, with the tawse and cane my bot­tom became numb but with this birch it got more painful, again I screamed out jumped off the desk and Miss Sven­son said “ And for that boy you are get­ting another 4 strokes added, that means your total is now 18 strokes

“Please Miss Sven­son I can’t take this any­more, it is ter­ri­ble, I will do as you say”

“I say get back over that desk and take your pun­ish­ment with­out cry­ing, I am going to gag you and tie you to that desk so you don;t scream and move around, this is for your own good”

She tied one of her old nylon stock­ings round my face and over my mouth and also tied my wrists and ankles to the desk legs, that was it I had another 14 strokes to go and was going to suf­fer. There was no sym­pa­thy form Miss Sven­son she con­tin­ued to beat me stand­ing at one side then mov­ing to the other side to make sure it was even across my but­tocks and she also made sure the strokes hit the soft top part of my thighs. I cried and cried but that made no dif­fer­ence, she was intent on break­ing me even­tu­ally when she reached 15 strokes she stopped and I thought that was it over or the birch had bro­ken. No it was worse she said, ”These last three strokes are going to be on your back not your bare back,I’ll spare you that just now and let you leave your T shirt on ”. I thought even through my shirt a birch­ing on the back would be ter­ri­ble, she released the gag from my mouth but kept me tied to the desk.

I begged with her not to birch my back but she said “You are going to get three and if you scream you will get another three” Then it hap­pened the first birch stroke on my back cut into my flesh even through my shirt, by that time I was almost uncon­scious with the pain and still sob­bing, I was deter­mined not to scream as that would have meant more. Two more and it was over.

She released me from my bonds seize hold of me by the arms, marched me over to my desk and said “Now fin­ish your essay, I have not fin­ished with you yet, I want to read about your pun­ish­ment, how it has cor­rected your behav­iour and atti­tude and will use it as an exam­ple to others”

Not fin­ished with me yet, what else was to come?

Any­way back to my essay and why I have ended up here. It was because of my bad behav­iour towards my young attrac­tive teacher Miss Gray.

She had pun­ished me for var­i­ous mis­de­meanours and my atti­tude towards her in class but kept threat­en­ing to send me to Miss Sven­son to be dealt with more harshly as her use of the cane, birch and abil­ity to pun­ish on the bare but­tocks was lim­ited due to school regulations.

Oh yes Miss Gray gave me some beat­ings but to be hon­est I couldn’t take her seri­ously, I saw her more as a sex­u­ally attrac­tive short skirted teacher try­ing her hard­est but found her more of a turn on than some­one in author­ity. I think the last straw for her was this morn­ing when she sit­ting on the desk at the front of the class wear­ing her usual short skirt and I wolf whis­tled at her. Think­ing back on it now I should have played the game and not been so bla­tant because my dis­re­spect to Miss Gray resulted in her absolv­ing all respon­si­bil­ity for my dis­ci­pline and send­ing me to Miss Sven­son and oh dear how I am suf­fer­ing at her hands.

Miss Gray slapped me hard across my face gave me a note in a sealed enve­lope which she told me not to open and told me to report to Miss Sven­son which I did think­ing it would be a few strokes of the strap and a scold­ing. Oh how wrong I was Miss Sven­son beat the liv­ing day­lights out of me and reduced me to tears.

I walked along the class­room cor­ri­dors to the room at the end with the sealed note and knocked on Miss Svenson’s office door.

She opened the door and said “I have been expect­ing you John,take off your trousers and stand in the cor­ner until I read the note and decide what to do with you”

I walked sheep­ishly behind her and stood in front of her office desk while she opened the enve­lope, I was just stand­ing there look­ing at her and in a strange way found her rather attrac­tive for an older woman and looked down at her legs. She slapped me across the face and said “ I am to pun­ish and dis­ci­pline you not to be ogled at you will learn that the hard way,I told you to take off your trousers, drop them now and stand in that cor­ner

I had never been pun­ished on the bare but­tocks before, the humil­i­a­tion of stand­ing there with my pants pulled down and being scolded was pun­ish­ment enough with­out the pain which I could never have antic­i­pated would have been so severe.

I did as she said and then she pro­ceeded to read out the 10 offences I was to be pun­ished for indi­cat­ing the num­ber of strokes for each demeanour Miss Gray had listed and also added her own offences to the list. She said “You have been sent here to be pun­ished for your con­duct in class and for each offence will received 10 hard strokes of the Tawse, 10 hard strokes of the Senior Cane and 10 strokes of the heavy strap on your bare but­tocks       I will deal with each offence sep­a­rately. In addi­tion I am going to per­son­ally break you for star­ing at me and not doing as I said when you entered my office and for that you will receive addi­tional pun­ish­ments as I decide fit.”

I was count­ing this out in my mind, that amounted to 300 strokes in total surely she wasn;t strong enough to admin­is­ter that amount of punishment?

“Now before I start with your for­mal pun­ish­ment I am going to treat you like a lit­tle naughty boy and spank you across my knee since you seemed to like my legs this is a chance for you to get close to them. Now get over my knee boy.”


I sheep­ishly com­plied and assumed the posi­tion across her lap. I thought it would be a few slaps, oh no this was painful, she whacked me and whacked me with a hair­brush and rub­ber soled slip­per con­tin­u­ally scold­ing me and shout­ing about my inso­lence and urges, refer­ring to the bulge in my pants which very soon dis­ap­peared under the pres­sure of all the blows rained down on my bare but­tock with the slipper.

The more I screamed out the more she bat­tered me with the slip­per even­tu­ally it stopped and she said “  Now for real pun­ish­ment boy, get over that desk and pre­pare for the for­mal­i­ties of your discipline”

“Please miss I am sorry, I don’t think I can take any more punishment”

“You will be sorry boy, you are going to suf­fer a lot of pain and learn the hard way, I am going to thrash you within an inch of your life, now drop your shorts and get over that desk”

As I bent over the desk I was shak­ing wait­ing for it to start won­der­ing what it was going to be like, if that over the knee beat­ing wasn’t real pun­ish­ment what was my for­mal pun­ish­ment going to be like?

It wasn’t long until I found out, Miss Sven­son made it all so for­mal and worked her way through the list read­ing out how many strokes for each offence, it lasted for over 90 min­utes and it is dif­fi­cult to describe it in detail. It was painful and also humil­i­at­ing to be bent over the desk with my bare bot­tom being tor­tured by this deter­mined woman.

Miss Sven­son moved from her posi­tion on the desk and walked over to me hold­ing the Lochgelly Tawse, I feared the worse, more pun­ish­ment was about to fol­low, it was that time one hour had passed. I tried not to look at her as she approached me for fear of more pun­ish­ment, she sat right on top of the desk I was typ­ing at and said“John have you fin­ished the essay yet, your hour is up?

I told her it was almost fin­ished and she told me to stand in the cor­ner with my face to the wall while she read what I had written.

Five min­utes later she said “I want you to include in the essay the deter­rent effect my pun­ish­ment has had and your sin­cere apolo­gies to Miss Gray but first the final part of you pun­ish­ment will com­mence, I want you to take off all your clothes and lie on the couch face down, I am going to beat the liv­ing day­lights out of you”

I did as she ordered and won­dered what was to fol­low. All of a sud­den there was a knock at her door and in came Miss Gray, this all had been planned, she was obvi­ously here to wit­ness what­ever was going to hap­pen to me.

Miss Gray is not only going to wit­ness this final part, she is also going to assist me to admin­is­ter your pun­ish­ment, your body is about to suf­fer” she said.

Miss Sven­son picked up 2 thin tawses and handed one to Miss Gray, I thought to myself that thin tawses would be ok and noth­ing like the XH Lochgelly’s from ear­lier. That said my body was very ten­der from the ear­lier beat­ings and any­thing would be painful.


“I know what you’re think­ing these are not heavy straps how­ever Miss Gray and I are going to sys­tem­at­i­cally beat your whole body, this will be fun for us and extremely painful for you, the more you shout out, the more pun­ish­ment you will get. I gagged you ear­lier but this time will enjoy hear­ing you scream­ing and apol­o­gis­ing to Miss Gray

Miss Gray take off you skirt so he can see you stock­ings and legs while he is being pun­ished, he needs that as a reminder of why he is here and that will test his resolve”

Miss Gray removed her skirt and blouse and was stand­ing there in her under­wear and black stock­ings, she looked great and all of a sud­den I had an erection.

“That’s great Miss Gray we now have him ready for our pun­ish­ment, you can admin­is­ter the first 6 strokes, I’d sug­gest you start on his legs and there­after we can whip his whole body together”

Miss Gray shouted “You are a despi­ca­ble lit­tle boy and will be sorry for the way you behave in my class­room” and whacked me 6 times on the legs with thin tawse which was really painful and for an unknown rea­son I shouted out “You are a bitch Miss Gray”

That was it, both her and Miss Sven­son then started to belt me all over my body start­ing with my ankles and work­ing right up to my shoul­ders, I screamed and screamed. The more scream­ing I did the more time the strap kept falling on my body. Even­tu­ally it stopped and I thought that was it over.

Stand against with your back to the wall and hold out your hands, you are going to be strapped with the Lochgelly and after each stroke you will thank me and say how sorry you are to Miss Gray”

She didn;t say how many strokes I was to get, I just assumed it would be six.

No it wasn’t she laid it one so hard that I lost count and for­got to thank her after the first 8, in fact I couldn’t keep my hand out any longer. Miss Sven­son said “Miss Gray please hold his wrists to stop him pulling his hand away, I want to beat his hands until they are black and blue”

Miss Gray held onto my wrists and pre­sented my hand for the tawsing. It was the worst hand strap­ping I had ever expe­ri­enced and by this time I was cry­ing like a lit­tle child.

“I am sorry Miss Gray for my behav­iour, I will always behave in class and be a good boy”

The tawsing even­tu­ally stopped and Miss Gray led me back to my desk to fin­ish this essay off. My hands are so painful that it’s dif­fi­cult to type.

All I can say is that I am extremely sorry for my bad behav­iour and have learned a harsh les­son which I will remem­ber for the rest of my life. I hope that I never have to appear before Miss Sven­son again HOWEVER she has insisted that I report to her next week to be assessed. Hope­fully that doesn’t mean more pun­ish­ment? My body will be aching for weeks to come.