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The Best Birch Competition– twelfth photo by C !

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

The Best Birch Competition– eleventh photo by Richard !

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

The Best Birch Competition– tenth photo by Rampegutten !

Saturday, December 31st, 2011


The Best Birch Competition– ninth photo by Richard !

Friday, December 30th, 2011

The Best Birch Competition– eight photo by C !

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

The Best Birch Competition– seventh photo by Lordy !

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

The Best Birch Competition– sixth photo by James !

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Hong Kong spanking and caning!

Monday, December 5th, 2011

I will visit Hong kong this month and would be happy to admin­is­ter a spank­ing or caning.

Please con­tact me for details.

Christmas Spanking Story Competition — entry 2 by Michael!

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Michaelís Christ­mas Story ñ Pt. 1

ëTwas the week before Christ­mas, when all through the house not a crea­ture was stir­ring, not even a mouse.† But Mrs. Santa Claus was read­ing the riot act.

In fact, it was­nít Mrs. Santa Claus; it was­nít a twin­kling eyed old lady for the old Santa Claus cot­tage indus­try had mod­ern­ized to take account of the growth of pop­u­la­tion and the related mod­ern developments.

Nowa­days it really is a big busi­ness with proper pro­fes­sional man­age­ment, though at the same time, retain­ing the magic of Christmas.

The chief exec­u­tive (Mrs. Santa Claus) was, in fact Ms. Elke Claus­son, an MBA grad­u­ate of the Trond­heim ÿkonomiske H¯gskole, the lead­ing busi­ness school Arc­tic Industries.

The Christ­mas enter­prise had moved to north­ern Nor­way from the North Pole some years ear­lier in order to be closer to the main cen­ters of pro­duc­tion and the lead­ing Christ­mas elf and fairy train­ing schools.

Miss Claus­son had taken over as CEO only in July fol­low­ing the res­ig­na­tion in dis­grace of the prior incum­bent, a Mr. Skole-Trusersson.† She had been faced with a major task of restruc­tur­ing and reor­ga­ni­za­tion fol­low­ing years of neglect of the operation.

A major task had been the elf orga­ni­za­tion.† Mr. Skole-Trusersson had unfor­tu­nately neglected this com­pletely and the result was that the elves had become thor­oughly indis­ci­pline.† Instead of attend­ing prop­erly to their work, they had taken to sit­ting around play­ing video games, brows­ing on the inter­net, drink­ing in the local bars.

As well as neglect­ing their work, many of the elves had fallen into thor­oughly bad pat­terns of behav­ior and when Miss Claus­son arrived she found that the Christ­mas fairies had taken to wear­ing trousers to work because most of the elves found it amus­ing to creep up behind the fairies and flip their skirts up and even try to pull their knick­ers down.

Miss Claus­son very quickly made a start to whip­ping the oper­a­tion into shape ñ lit­er­ally!† She began with a regime of ìsauna, snow and birch.î† This was the old tra­di­tional pro­ce­dure for bad elves at the Christ­mas Com­pany.† First a sauna, to ìopen the poresî and then a few min­utes sit­ting in the snow to make the thighs and bot­tom good and sen­si­tive, and then a good sound birching.

Now, Miss Claus­son was a great respecter of tra­di­tion but she was also very aware of the need for mod­ern­iza­tion of tra­di­tional prac­tices.† She quickly real­ized that due to the com­bi­na­tion of a very large num­ber of elves and the extremely bad behav­ior of so many of them, there was a risk of deforestation.

As a result, she placed an order for a range of tawses from the pre­mier man­u­fac­turer in Scot­land (MC Cus­toms, suc­ces­sors to Messrs. Johan Dick of Lochgelly.)† She ordered a range of Medium, Heavy and X-H in the two and three tail ver­sions and she also ordered a num­ber of com­pact ver­sions that she could keep in her hand­bag or her apron pocket.

This solved the prob­lem of defor­esta­tion and also made it pos­si­ble for instant ret­ri­bu­tion as there was no longer any need for the time to make a birch when pun­ish­ment was needed.† She also quickly rec­og­nized that the tra­di­tional thick woolen tights and under­pants that were part of the old elf uni­form meant that it took up too much time in prepa­ra­tion when an elf had earned a smack­ing on the bare bottom.

Her MBA stood her in good stead as she solved this prob­lem.† She intro­duced the old Scot­tish method of instant strap­ping on the hands, and rein­forced this by elim­i­nat­ing the thick tights and putting the elves back into short trousers.† This meant that a hard smack­ing round the tops of the legs could be given on the spot with no delay.

The woolen under­pants soon fol­lowed the thick tights into obliv­ion and were replaced by thin nylon knick­ers which pro­vided lit­tle pro­tec­tion when an elf earned a bot­tom warm­ing.† And for those recal­ci­trant elves who per­sisted in the ridicu­lous ìgameî of skirt flip­ping and knicker pulling, well they found them­selves bare from waist down ñ no tights, under­pants or even knickers.

And the final ele­ment of the solu­tion to the elf prob­lem (many elves but only one Miss Claus­son) she solved by insti­tut­ing a ìmon­i­tor sys­temî among the Christ­mas fairies.† She des­ig­nated the senior fairies as Mon­i­tors and pro­vided them with a large and a small strap and the autho­riza­tion to pun­ish the elves.

Of course, for par­tic­u­larly bad behav­ior, an elf would make the lonely trek to Miss Claus­sonís office to be dealt with by her.† In fact, it was­nít such a ìlonely trekî as each evening after sup­per would see a line of tear­ful elves lined up out­side her office.† And of course, a pro­ces­sion of howl­ing and bawl­ing elves com­ing out of her office.† The fairies used to joke that when Rudolf would retire, then Santa would be able to guide his sleigh by putting one of the red bot­tomed elves at the front.

And that, of course brings us to Santa him­self.† Con­trary to com­mon belief, Santa is not the head of the Christ­mas Cor­po­ra­tion ñ that is the CEO, Miss Claus­son.† ìSan­taî is just a mid­dle man­age­ment func­tionary, although in many ways, the pub­lic face of the operation.

ìSan­taî was new in the job since mid Octo­ber and it was his first job out of uni­ver­sity.† He had grad­u­ated with a degree in Soci­ol­ogy from Uni­ver­sitetet for milj¯- og bioviten­skap in Aas.† His name was Michael Ta-Truser-Nedsson, and one may judge his qual­ity from the fact that when asked why he chose that uni­ver­sity in that place (Aas) his answer was ìI like look­ing at girlsí bottoms.î

Miss Claus­son was increas­ingly con­cerned about Michaelís work ethic and gen­eral approach.† He showed a ten­dency to asso­ciate with the least well behaved elves and Miss Claus­son was begin­ning to sus­pect that he got involved in the same kind of non­sense that she had begun to root out among the elves.

He always seemed to be there, look­ing up, when the fairies were doing their fly­ing prac­tices and once or twice Miss Claus­son was almost sure that he was try­ing to see up her skirt.† But she had been patient and given him the ben­e­fit of the doubt.

As we said at the begin­ning ìit was the week before Christ­masî and as a new Santa, Michael was to go out on a test run with the sleigh and rein­deer.† It was nec­es­sary to famil­iar­ize him­self with the basics of the route to be fol­lowed and prac­tice roof land­ings, and chim­ney descents, and very impor­tantly to ensure that the Christ­mas Magic was being effec­tively used so that the occu­pants of the houses would not see Santa or be aware of his visit.

As we also said, Miss Claus­son was read­ing the riot act.† In fact, she was qui­etly fum­ing as she waited Michaelís return.† She had a thick bun­dle of pink mes­sage slips that had come in through­out the night.† They were com­plaints called in by house­hold­ers.† Michael seem­ingly had not mas­tered the Christ­mas invis­i­bil­ity magic, and there were many calls from ladies who had encoun­tered ìSan­taî peek­ing through a bed­room or bath­room window.

Even­tu­ally the sleigh appeared, trav­el­ling far too fast and mak­ing a sud­den final turn that knocked the chim­ney off the house.† Miss Claus­son opened her desk drawer and took out the ìbig strapî ñ the three tail ìrefor­ma­to­ryî model and grimly set off to the sleigh garage.

When she got there she was faced with an unsteady Michael, clearly full of an excess of Christ­mas Spirit (not to men­tion Christ­mas wine and beer) and he was clum­sily haul­ing a big sack off the back of the sleigh.

Miss Claus­son was taken aback as the ìtest runî does not involve deliv­ery of gifts or even involve tak­ing a sack.† She demanded to know what it was and was spun a tale about ìOh just things that were lying around that I thought I bet­ter tidy up.î† Miss Claus­son was extremely angry by this stage and boxed his ears soundly and pulled the sack away.

The con­tents can be sum­ma­rized in one word — ìknick­ersî ñ hun­dreds of pairs.† Michael must have emp­tied the knicker drawer in every house he visited.

Miss Claus­son looked him right in the eye and in the grimmest imag­in­able tones, she told him:


Ta truser nede akku­rat nÂ. Jeg kom­mer til  klaske deg til du ikke kan sitte ned.

(Christ­mas col­ors rep­re­sent­ing Miss Claus­sonís fes­tive mood.)



Christmas Spanking Story Competition — entry one by Kevin!

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Christ­mas Crackers


I dropped the two tablets into the glass and watched as it started to fizz.


What a night that had been. The office party had really gone with a swing.


And here I was, still head of sales and still strug­gling to keep up with Miss Sven­sonís con­stant demands for bet­ter sales fig­ures and new clients.


I had man­aged pretty well since the first ìmoti­va­tional train­ingî 14 months ago and† I had been hav­ing monthly ìmoti­va­tion­alsî on a reg­u­lar basis.


But in the last quar­ter the sales had dropped con­sid­er­ably and I had been denied my place over Miss Sven­sonís spank­ing horse for the last two months runningÖ.and boy was I was miss­ing it.


I sat day-dreaming that Miss S would call me up to the pun­ish­ment room just once before we closed down for Christ­mas. That she would pick up her cane andÖ..


The phone inter­rupted my fan­tasy, I wearily (and war­ily) picked it up.


ìHello, sales depart­ment, how may I help you?î


ìHello Kevin, itís Miss Sven­son, I need to see you in my office after work todayî


I perked up instantly, ìReally ! Is it that time of the month again?î


ìDonít get too excited Kevin, you are not being invited for a cosy lit­tle spank­ing ses­sion. In fact I have many things that I wish to dis­cuss with youî


ìOh† o.k† boss.Ö.Iíll be there around quar­ter past six thenî


ìYes and donít be late, I have much to sayî


ìYes boss, Iíll be on timeî


I put the phone down and con­tem­plated the glass of fizzing water in front of me.


Look­ing up at the clock I could see that it was just after 9.30Ö about 8 and a half hours until I got my bol­lock­ing from Miss S.


Miss S always said ìI have many things that I wish to dis­cuss with youî when you were in for a bollocking.


And she always liked to give you LOADS of time to think about it beforehand.


Oh crap ! Thatís just what I needed to round the day off.



6.15 arrived and I stood oppo­site Miss Sven­son as she admin­is­tered said bollocking.


As the words came thick and fast ìlazyî, ìunmo­ti­vat­edî, ìneed a kick up the bumî, ìcould­nít† organ­ise a Smor­gas­bor­dÖî (?) Ö..I idly won­dered what the Nor­we­gian word for bol­lock­ing wasÖ.and quickly decided that I did­nít really need to know.


ìSo what is going on Kevin ! The first four quar­ters since I took over and started your moti­va­tional train­ing were excel­lent ñ increased sales and a del­uge of new clients.


But this last quar­ter we have lost ground in ways I did­nít think were possibleî


Itís Christ­mas in a week and I am going to spend my entire hol­i­day won­der­ing wether I will be return­ing to a race course or a greyhound !î


I loved the way Miss Sven­son got her Eng­lish metaphors mixed up but I decided that now was not the best time to laugh­Öbe­cause she looked furi­ous. Iíd never seen her so angry before and it was incred­i­bly sexyÖbut I thought it was per­haps not the best time to men­tion that either.


Beads of sweat were now form­ing on my fore­head ñ despite it being Christ­mas week the weather had been incred­i­bly warm and Miss Sven­sonís office was very humid.


ìI think we need to insti­gate plan B of the moti­va­tional train­ing donít you?î


As I had­nít even known there was a Plan B I shrugged my shoul­ders and said ìwhat­ever you say bossî


ìIs that your response ?! Shrug­ging your shoul­ders and say­ing whatever !?î


ìErÖ­sorry Boss, if you thinkÖ.î


ìsilence Kev­inî it was said qui­etly but it worked a treat as I shut up instantly.


ìIt is Sat­ur­day tomor­row and I am going to give you an address where you will be dealt with in ways that I can­not deal with you here ñ you will report there at 11:30 am, and donít you dare be late !î




So the next morn­ing found me stand­ing out­side a non-descript blue door in a high rise block of flats near to Kil­burn tubeÖ I knocked gen­tly on the door and it swung open.


ìHello Kevin !î beamed Ane­marja ìlong time no see, how are you!?î


She stood there in a leather cat suit hold­ing a fear­some look­ing cane in her right hand.


I was dumb­struck. Ane­marja, long time pro­tÈgÈ of Miss Sven­son, had been sacked five months ear­lier for mis-conduct and every­one had been told that she was back in Norway.


On one of her first solo ìmoti­va­tion­alî ses­sions she had beaten one of my col­leagues so badly that he had started to bleed quite pro­fusely. And despite his pleas for her to stop she had con­tin­ued to thrash him with a cane, say­ing, ìYou must be pun­ished you naughty, naughty boyÖ!î


To hush things up and to avoid legal action, my col­league had been given a large cash sum and we had all been told that Ane­marja had been fired and sent home in disgrace.


ìWhat are you doing here Ane­marja?î I said ner­vously ì I thought you were back in NorwayÖ.î


ìDonít be silly Kevin ñ why would I go to Nor­way when there are so many Eng­lish bot­toms that need my attentionÖ..and guess whoís is next KevinÖî


I had also been instru­men­tal in Ane­mar­jaís dis­missal as I had seen my col­league straight after the ses­sion had ended, and I had taken pho­tos of his injuries for him to use as evidence.


I hoped Ane­marja did­nít know thisÖ..


From behind her came the saner voice of Miss Sven­son ìCome in Kevin, we havenít got all dayî


As I walked in Miss Sven­son looked at her watch ìYouíre 10 min­utes late Kevin !î


ìTut tut KevinÖ.not a good start is it?î Said Ane­marja with a glee­ful look in her eye as she stood flex­ing her cane.


ìThe tube took ages, we were stuck in a tun­nel for about 15 minutesî


ìExcuses, excuses, always there are the excus­esÖ..î mut­tered Miss Svenson.


I stood in front of both of them won­der­ing what was about to hap­pen and not sure that I was going to enjoy it.


ìKev­inÖ.î Said Miss Sven­son ìYou have become lazy and de-motivated in your work and I intend to get you back on the right train track before it leaves the stationî


ìAne­marja was indeed sacked but is still assist­ing me to deal with ìhardî cases like yours. Peo­ple who show a lot of poten­tial but seem to have real dif­fi­culty in bring­ing that poten­tial out and apply­ing it to their workî


ìShe has devel­oped an excep­tional can­ing tech­nique and it would be a pity not to make good use of that in my workî


ìBoth Ane­marja and myself will be admin­is­ter­ing severe can­ings to you every week from now until your sales fig­ures show a dra­matic improvementî


ìIn this way we hope to shock you out of this slump that you have fallen into and get you right back on the train track before the final whis­tle blowsî


ìIf I do not see a dra­matic improve­ment, well, we will just come to that bridge after we cross itî


Ane­marja was prepar­ing the bench as Miss Sven­son spoke. I looked over at her. Her face was beam­ing and she was hum­ming Madon­naís ìHanky Spankyî


She caught me look­ing at her and said with a huge grin on her face ìnearly ready Kevin, you bet­ter get undressed now, thereís a good boy, and I promise you that there are no hid­den cam­eras here KevinÖ.î


I gulped and then I walked over to Miss Sven­son, whis­per­ing to her ìBoss, are you sure about this? I mean she looks pos­i­tively manicî


ìOf course Kevin, I have made sure that she has taken her med­ica­tion today and she is a lot calmer than I have seen her in a long whileî


I looked directly at Miss SvensonÖ.îMedication ! what medication?î


ìOh noth­ing to worry about Kevin, just some tablets that she needs to take each day in order to keep her on a straight arrowî


I thought about this for a minuteÖ.ìDo you mean on the straight and nar­row boss?î


ìThatís what I said isnít it Kevin !, now stop delay­ing and get undressed like† Ane­marja has told you toî


I looked around for some­where to undress. But it appeared that I was to do so right there in front of the two ladies.


As I stripped off, Ane­marja watched me seem­ingly with­out blink­ing. She tapped the cane against the side of her leg and she was wear­ing her trade­mark grin.


Miss Sven­son was­nít watch­ing at all, instead she was test­ing the weight of a num­ber of canes that were lined up on a rack on the wall ñ like cues in a snooker club.


I had just fin­ished undress­ing when Ane­marja grabbed my right ear painfully with her hand ñ ìCome along now Kevin, you are tak­ing too much timeî ñ and dragged me by the ear to the spank­ing bench.


As she strapped me down she chat­tered non stop ì I love Christ­mas donít you Kevin? All those coloured lights and dec­o­ra­tionsÖall that music and danceÖall those presentsÖ.what are you get­ting me this year Kevin?Ö once promised me a new pad­dle did­nít youÖÖI donít remem­ber you ever giv­ing it to meÖ.thatís naughty Kev­inÖpromis­ing some­thing like that to a girl and then going back on itÖ..I shall have to really teach you a les­son shanít I Kevin Ö.î


As she grinned I got an uneasy flash­back to a Bat­man film I had seen recently and with it saw the mani­a­cal face of the Joker.


I was get­ting increas­ingly ner­vous as finally the last strap was in place and I was bound by my ankles, wrists and around my waist to the bench.


Then some­thing was put over my lower back ìto pro­tect your kid­neys Kevin, health and safety rulesÖbut donít worry† ñ I never miss the but­tocksÖ..î said Anemarja.


ìAnd now Kevin, we have a lovely sur­prise for youÖ can come out now!î


I looked up side­ways from the bench and saw enter­ing the room ñ my wife !


ìHello dar­ling ñ bet that shook you a bit did­nít it?î she said.


I was gob-smacked, I splut­teredÖîwhatÖer howÖerÖ.î


ìElsa and I have become close friends ever since I started to notice the stripes on your bot­tom ñ I know you tried to hide them but thatís not easy to doî


ìSo I won­dered what on earth you had been up to until even­tu­ally I decided to ask your boss if she could shed some light on the matterî


ìHow longÖ?î I asked nervously.


ìÖhave I known? Oh for about 10 months. I was quite happy for it to carry on because you have been so relaxed since Elsa has been your boss, and you no longer com­plain about how much you hate your job.


But then three months ago things started to change did­nít they? And then I also found out about the young woman you have been see­ing, and then I was­nít happy with you any­more Kevin, I was­nít happy at all. So Elsa and I decided to teach you a les­son that you wonít ever forgetî


I gasped ìwhat woman?!î


ìDonít insult me by try­ing to deny it Kevin !† ñ I have pho­to­graphic proofî


Ane­marja said glee­fully ìthose cam­eras eh Kevin? Get us all into trou­ble donít they?î


Miss Sven­sonís voice cut in ìAnd now we also know why you have been under-performing at work Kev­inÖ­too much over-performing out­side of work!î


I looked away and at Ane­marja. She was still grin­ning at me and flex­ing her cane in her hand­sÖÖshe looked directly at me and said ìBoy ! are YOU in trou­ble Kevin !î And shook her head from side to side, tut­ting as she did so.


ìErÖlook ladies, letís not do any­thing hasty nowÖ.let me up from here and we can talkî


ìYesî said Miss Sven­son ìwe can sit and have a nice long talk after­wards, of course I donít think you will want to be sit­ting down for that dis­cus­sion KevinÖ.î


ìSo ladiesî said Miss Sven­son ìwhoís first?î


ìFirst!?î I splut­tered ìwhat do you mean first?î


ìWell we are all going to pun­ish you Kevin.Your wife because you have been see­ing another woman. Me because you have been let­ting your work slide and Ane­marja becauseÖ.well just because she wants to I supposeî


ìNoth­ing per­sonal Kev­inî grinned Ane­mar­jaÖîI wonít let the fact that you got me sacked affect what I do to you at allÖî


I started to strug­gle with the straps on my ankles and wrists and tried to pull myself away from the bench.


After about 5 min­utes of this I lay there pant­ing and feel­ing defeated. I looked around at the ladies and they were all stand­ing there smiling.


ìSo, are you ready now Kevin?î Asked Miss Svenson.


As there was no way I could see of get­ting out of there I just said qui­etly ìYes bossî


ìGood, gag please Ane­mar­jaî said Miss Svenson.


ìOhÖ­canít we leave that off for a bit Miss, itís so much more fun if we can hear him beg­ging for mer­cyî pleaded Anemarja


ìGag now please Ane­marja, we donít want the neigh­bours call­ing the police now do we?î


ìO.K. Miss Sven­sonÖ.î Ane­marja replied reluctantly.


Ane­marja roughly pushed a ball gag into my mouth and strapped it behind my head ñ none to gen­tly either.


Then she whis­pered in my earÖ.îwait till you feel how hard I can cane Kevin, I have been prac­tic­ing every day because I do this for a liv­ing nowÖ..î


ìNow we are going to do our own ver­sion of the twelve days of Christ­masÖ.î Said Miss Svenson..and she started to sing.


ìOn the first day of Christ­mas my true love sent to meÖa Par­tridge in a Pear Treeî


The first stroke hit my exposed behind with so much force that I strug­gled to breathe and my eyes lit­er­ally started to water.


I tried to shout but the gag was far too tight for that.


ìOn the sec­ond day of Christ­mas my true love sent to meÖ.


ìtwo tur­tle dovesîÖÖ..îwhackî ìWhackî


And a par­tridge in a Pear treeÖ..îwhackî


You get the pic­ture ñ each verse of that song with the accom­pa­ny­ing num­ber of strokes for each part of the verse.


ìFive Golden Rings !î ñ whack, whack, whack, whack, whackÖ


And they took it in turns ñ first verse Miss Sven­son, then my mis­sus, then Ane­marja, back to† Miss Sven­son Ö..etcÖ.etc until they had gone through the entire song.


And on the final verseÖ.îOn the twelfth day of Christ­mas my true love said to meîÖand all of the ladies in uni­son cho­rused ìMerry Christ­mas Kevin !î



ìWhack !î



All three of them laid into me at onceÖÖ.


All I can say isÖ.be care­ful what you wish for.